Module 1: How to Set Yourself Up For Profitability

Module 2: How to Build Your Money-Making Machine

Module 02 Sneak Peak

Lesson 01: Leading with Your USP

Lesson 02: Picture Perfect!

Lesson 03: Copywriting Your Overview

Lesson 04: Setting Up Your Rates

Lesson 05: Building Your Portfolio From Scratch

Lesson 06: Indexing Hacks (Part 1)

Lesson 06: Indexing Hacks (Part 2)

Module 02 Wrap Up

Module 3: How to Find Profitable Projects

Module 03 Sneak Peak

Lesson 01: Killer Filters

Lesson 02: Finding Profitable Projects

Lesson 03: Your Prospecting Workflow

Module 03 Wrap Up

Module 4: How to Craft Proposals that Convert

Module 04 Sneak Peak

Lesson 01: Client's POV

Lesson 02: Setting Up Your CRM

Lesson 03: Stopping Prospects Dead in their Tracks

Lesson 04: Leading the Conversion

Lesson 05: Using the Multi-Modality Approach

Lesson 06: Scheduling Discovery Calls

Module 04 Wrap Up

Module 5: How to Close the Sale with Confidence

Module 05 Sneak Peak

Lesson 01: Sleaze-Free Sales Fundamentals

Lesson 02: Your Confidence Booster

Lesson 03: Closing Over Chat

Lesson 04: Nailing Your Calls

Lesson 05: Your Negotiation Strategy

Lesson 06: Your Follow-Up Strategy

Module 05 Wrap Up

Module 6: How to Grow Your Freelance Business on Upwork

Module 06 Sneak Peak

Lesson 01: Your Onboarding Sequence

Lesson 02: Your Task and Project Management Strategy

Lesson 03: Getting Great Feedback

Lesson 04: Scaling / Profit Boost

Module 06 Wrap Up

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