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Hey! Chris, again.

So you want to know a little more that doesn’t relate to my professional life?


It’s usually hard for me to write about myself, as my interests change a lot... like a lot, LOT.

I find it easier to think in lists, so here’s a list of 10 random things about me!

Ten Things:

1. I love playing the piano. I started having lessons when I was 11 and stopped due when I was around 15 because the lessons got expensive and I got obsessed (i.e., the only thing I do after school is practice and my parents didn't like that).

2. My favorite cuisine is *you wouldn't be able to guess it unless you've been following me on Facebook* Indian. I absolutely LOVE Indian food!

The first time I tried some was at a buffet in an Indian restaurant in Hong Kong—it was love at first bite. Since then, every time I travel, I always scout for the Indian restaurants and order as much as I can.

My favorite dishes are Chicken Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, and Chicken Tika Masala. For dessert, I always get Gulab Jamun.

3. I actually enjoyed nursing school. I really just hated the working situation of nurses: being overworked, underpaid, and undervalued. It really is a serving profession and the people who do it to genuinely serve the sick have my utmost respect.

4. Jogging is my most favorite form of exercise. Yes, it's not the most effective way of losing weight, and if done wrong, it can stunt muscle growth (or even cause it to waste).

Okay, just got nerdy there, haha! Yeah, I'm a total nerd.

Anyways, what I particularly like about jogging is just being outdoors. Other than its health benefits, I find that it's a great way to clear my head.

5. I grew up as a gamer! I think it really helped me with my creativity, but as I grew older, it interfered with my health and productivity.

My favorite console games are Tekken, Rival Schools, Bloody Roar 2, Tomba 2, Mega Man, and Parasite Eve.

My favorite PC games are Diablo II, Conquer Online, Dragon Nest, and DOTA2.

6. I was into techno and house music before it was a thing.

7. Hmm, you probably already know this, but I'm a huge bibliophile.

8. I have an ear piercing on my left ear. Got it on my 4th year in high school.

9. I'm frugal. Not cheap. Frugal.

10. I have dimples.
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