How to Craft a Compelling Upwork Overview

Your overview sets the tone for your profile by showing off your personality and giving clients a reason to read more about what you have to offer.

Your overview is your pitch to potential clients. Get it wrong and your prospective clients won’t even bother checking the rest of your profile no matter how polished it is.

The secret to reeling in clients is not impeccable grammar or lengthy paragraphs, but unique and compelling content in your overview.

Don’t make the mistake of writing what everyone else writes in their overview!

For you to stand out, you need to think outside the box!

Let’s talk about some guidelines for crafting your perfect overview.

Keep It Simple

Your goal is to capture attention. Fast. Not impress potential clients with an overwhelmingly lengthy overview. Keeping it simple also means using simple words. Use language your clientele will understand, and minimize flashy jargon or technical terms.

Connect Emotionally

This helps you become more memorable. Try humanizing your overview as much as you can. A good fraction of freelancers is going to write cookie-cutter overviews, which makes them seem robotic or unnatural. A good example is talking about your passions and interests.

Use Bullets Strategically

If done right, bullet points can help you stand out! Utilize them in your overview. They give clients a quick bird’s eye view of your background.

Focus on How You Can Help Your Clients

Don’t make it all about yourself. No one cares where you graduated or whether you topped an Upwork test. Clients want to know how you can help them!


Make sure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar is correct in your overview. Hmm, did you catch the error here? ;)

Now, you should be ready to start drafting your overview. But what particularly should you put in it?

Here are some options for you…

Unique or Specific Skills or skill sets

For example, blog writing in the health niche. There are many writers out there, but not all specialize in the health niche. This instantly gives you an edge when applying to health-related writing jobs (or even health-related customer service jobs).

Testimonials or Positive Reviews

I know it’s unconventional, and that’s exactly the reason why you should consider quoting testimonials or positive reviews in your overview. It’s unique and unexpected!

Work You're Sincerely Passionate About

This helps you connect with potential clients on an emotional level. Make sure that it’s relevant to the services you are offering. For example, you can mention that you’re passionate about helping small businesses grow or that you’re passionate about making customers happy!

Relevant Credentials and Experiences

To optimize your overview, don’t crowd it with unnecessary or redundant information. Include only what is most relevant to the services you are trying to offer -- everything else will just be clutter.

Take action NOW!

  • Write a list of 2-5 unique skills.
  • Collect some great feedback, if you already have some.
  • Write 1-2 things that you’re passionate about. Remember to keep it relevant.
  • Write 1-2 experiences relevant to the services you offer.
  • Decide on what information you’re going to include in your overview and start writing it!
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