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Hi! I'm Chris.

Conversion Copywriter, Content Marketer, and Productivity Coach

In 2013, I kissed my nursing job goodbye and became an online freelancer—I've never looked back since.

Today, I help millennials start and grow their online freelancing business.

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Praise from awesome peeps!

"It's a real treat to find someone who is as genuine, honest and caring as Chris. Someone who has put in the work, effort, and finances to better his life and live his dream, AND who is willing to motivate and share it with the people who need and want to do the same."

Neo Lamperouge

"Chris is an inspiring speaker and he's an excellent mentor too. Looking forward to more training sessions with him and to be mentored by him."

Charry Soleria

"Coach Chris is someone I look up to. He's doing a different strategy in helping someone who is still starting up. He has a personal approach. Thank you, Coach!"

Precy Lara

"Please continue what you are doing, sharing your learnings and inspiring others to be a better version of themselves."

Julie Ratunil

Chris is one of the reasons I committed to becoming a full-time Facebook Consultant and start teaching Facebook Ads. I can't remember one conversation with him where I was not learning something new.

Rowil Ruelo

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